Workforce Staffing:
Strategic Alliance Program

The Strategic Alliance Program is designed to guarantee 100% staffing for your contingent workforce that utilizes only the most qualified employees at exactly the moment you need them. It’s objective is to hold employees accountable for their professionalism and performance by creating a competitive model from which your production line will operate. SAP consists of a workforce staffing program, retention program, department specific training, flex force program and strategic alliance implementation team. At its core, this program will boost employee moral by recognizing, valuing and rewarding those who apply themselves.

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Recognized · Valued · Rewarded


We scour your market with a fine-toothed comb to identify the most qualified individuals for your workforce staffing program. We recruit and screen using a 3:1 ratio to find the most qualified candidates.

First, because employees have developed their own network of skilled friends or colleagues, we institute an incentive program that rewards employees for successful recruiting of their own. Second, we offer enticing benefits that draw in serious candidates. We advertise based on experience and the know-how to make advertising dollars count. Lastly, we invest ourselves in the local community by supporting local charities, organizations, state workforce commissions, and career colleges to brand you an employer of choice and community leader. The result is a high volume of capable and experienced candidates from which to more thoroughly screen, test and train.

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Flex Force

The Flex Force Program guarantees 100% staffed lines every day and eliminates mediocre workers whom continually show up late or don’t show up at all. Once qualified candidates pass through testing and training, they enter into the Flex Force Program to await their employment opportunity. Each employee on your line will have a backup Flex Force member that arrives on site each day, ready to work. If the scheduled employee is late or does not show, the Flex Force employee will seamlessly step into action without disrupting production.

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Imagine turnover at a single digit. Awesome right?


The Effex Management Solutions' approach to contingent workforce management and workforce staffing will reduce employee turnover to a single digit number within three months by implementing a rigorous screening and testing process that places the right candidate in the right position. Success based incentive programs are then developed to motivate employees, encourage high performance, lower turnover rate and overall, bolster staff satisfaction.