Louis Flory
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Louis Flory


Louis Flory, President of Effex Management Solutions, is the visionary behind the company’s unparalleled staffing approach. With over 16 years experience in the staffing industry, Louis was dissatisfied with the broken services provided by traditional staffing agencies and endeavored to fix them.

He developed Effex in 2007 to absolve manufacturing companies of poor attendance, high turnover, mediocre employee performance and long cycle times, all of which contribute to inefficient production lines and increased labor spending. Since the company’s inception, Louis’ crowning achievement has been leading Effex to 100% client retention over 14 years in business. He considers this to be unwavering proof that the Strategic Alliance and Flex Force Programs enforced by his team are effective and unmatched in the results they deliver.

As president, Louis tirelessly analyzes where Effex will go next, devoting particular attention to the health and quality of client partnerships in addition to the value of the services delivered by his management team. His hope is that eventually, the Effex approach to staffing will become the industry norm – replicated by many but duplicated by none.

In addition to running a very successful staffing agency, Louis is a generous philanthropist. He makes it a priority to give back to the community and contributes large donations to organizations like HAAM and the Houston Children’s Charity.

For Louis, staffing isn’t just about business. It’s about helping management regain control, assisting hard-working individuals with quality career placement and building true, lasting partnerships with clients. He believes the efficacy of a labor force will make or break a company and wholeheartedly strives to impart permanent solutions without compromising service excellence for growth.